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     Founded in early 2013, The Canadian Standardbred Network is a newly-formed association focused on promoting to and the education of the public regarding Standardbred horses and their suitability for careers beyond the race track.

     Furthermore, we facilitate opportunities for this to be demonstrated and experienced first hand by those who may otherwise be unable to, amateurs and professionals alike. As a network we aim to create a place for the sharing of knowledge and discussion of issues that are of interest to the Standardbred community. 

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    Standardbred horses are often overlooked despite their incredible heart and natural athletic ability.  These horses are usually considered hot, like Thoroughbreds, but lacking much use.  A common misconception is that, since they typically pace in harness racing, they can't trot or canter.  This is completely untrue.   

     They are incredibly versatile and excel in dressage, eventing, reining, cattle work, jumping and obviously driving.  They are the most sensible "hot" horse you'll have the pleasure to work with. They have energy to get up and go, but are attentive and obedient to their handler. 


Exciting news! Charlene Barry & Leo were recently named 2016 Ambassadors for Go & Play Stable! Go & Play Stable is a charity based in Ontario that focuses on retraining, and rehoming off the track Standardbreds. Charlene is very excited for this opportunity and looks forward to spreading the Standardbred love with her team mate and best buddy Leo!

Visit their blog West Point Standardbred, and follow Leo's facebook page, West Point - Athlete


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Canadian Standardbred Network Association is an incorporated Non-Profit Society based in Alberta, Canada.



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