About the Network

Late 2012, a few Standardbred enthusiasts from the Edmonton area came together and recognized the need for an organization for the promotion and networking of Standardbreds off the race track, not a placement program or a rescue and retraining system as such, but a resource, a place for horses and people to find each other and information regarding retraining, feeding programs, etc.  Thus the Canadian Standardbred Network was founded at the first official Annual General Meeting in February, 2013 and officially became a Non-Profit Society in November later that year.


Why not just start a rescue or retraining program?

     Despite making up over three quarters of the racing industry in Canada (Seriously, 83%), many people do not really know much about Standardbreds, or that they exist at all.  While a rescue would help rehome those horses whose race careers have ended, it does not help with awareness as they often become one of many 'rescued' horses.

    By building a strong team that focuses on versatility, and quality over quantity, we can build that awareness.  Through showing exactly what Standardbreds are capable of outside of the racing world (vs mentioning what they could maybe do eventually), we aim to motivate people to not only consider, but also go find a Standardbred of their own for their next equestrian partner.

Scooter Jumping

 The Network

     This is where the network comes into play.  Creating a network gives those who have Standardbreds, are looking for Standardbreds, and those who are simply a fan of the breed, a place to unite and share information.  This includes tips & tricks for helping your Standardbred adjust to their new life off the track, to sharing experiences and stories with other enthusiasts and connecting potential buyers with sellers.