According to the Canadian Horse Industry Profile Study conducted by Equine Canada Art Major in 2010,  Standardbreds actually make up approximately 83% of the Canadian racing industry. When compared to Thoroughbreds who make up 15%, and Quarter Horses who make up 2%, the amount of knowledge of information available about Standardbreds is rather limited.

Possessing considerable stamina and endurance, Standardbreds closely resemble Thoroughbreds but are usually smaller and have longer and lower bodies, flatter ribs, and heavier bones.

Height and weight vary considerably, but average 15 to 16 hands and 900- 1000 lbs. Bay is the most common colour for Standardbreds, but brown, black, chestnut, and gray are also found.

Despite being race horses Standardbreds are generally very sensible and have the ability to go from being very ‘hot’ to very quiet when asked by their handler. They are incredibly willing and show great intelligence when approaching new tasks. Leo

Standardbred horses are far too often overlooked despite their incredible heart and natural athletic ability.  These horses are usually considered hot, like Thoroughbreds, but lacking much use after their race careers.  It's often assumed that since they typically pace in harness racing, they can't trot or canter.  This is completely untrue. 

They are incredibly versatile and excel in dressage, eventing, reining, cattle work, jumping and obviously, driving as well. They most certainly can trot and canter!  They are the most sensible "hot" horse you can have the pleasure to work with as they have energy to get up and go, but are attentive and obedient to their handler.